Features & Updates

LoadPanel Update: New Trip Setup Experience

New Trip Setup Interface

As summer comes to an end, we are shifting into high gear with improvements to the LoadPanel interface and additional new features. The trip creation and setup window has been transformed into an easy-to-use tool allowing dispatchers to visualize the trip on a map, calculate the CPM, and estimate the travel time. 

Quick Setup

The Add Stop button facilitates quick trip planning, giving dispatchers the option to enter a city and state or just a zip code. Stop options include Current LocationPickDrop, and Deadhead. The Recalculate button computes the distance between the entered locations and displays the mileage and the resultant Trip CPM based on the entered Rate.

Map Power

Further refinement of the travel route can be done by simply dragging waypoints on the displayed Google map. For ease of use, the map can be expanded to full screen using the button in the upper-right hand corner. Traffic information is overlaid for additional awareness and decision making. Switching to satellite or street view can assist with critical last-mile navigation. 

Additional Trip Information

A new trip can be created without filling out additional date or address information. For those who choose to do so, trip information can be added by clicking the Edit icon for the specific stop. Further updating and editing of the stop information can be done through the primary trip page interface. 

Did You Know About the Columns Button on the Trips page?

The default Trips view has a number of hidden columns that some may find useful. Recent updates have expanded the available choices to include more than 20 column options!

Feel free to email us directly or contact us from the app with any suggestions, comments, or concerns. We’re here to make your life easier.