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Team Update – ICAP

For the past two weeks our team has been part of the ICAP program.

Learning Together

For the past two weeks our team has been part of the Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program (ICAP) under the Virginia Small Business Development Center Network which supports new startups. ICAP helps inventors and entrepreneurs take the right first steps in bringing new technologies and innovations to market.Thank you Bob Smith ( for leading the class and challenging us to get out of our comfort zone and interview our potential customer base.

The experience that we gained has given us a new perspective and revealed additional hurdles that we did not consider while bringing LoadPanel to the market. We are looking forward to having more conversations with the small trucking business owners on the challenges they are facing. Only through such experience can we evolve our product to serve the majority of the needs of small trucking companies.

Learn more about ICAP and

Let us know of your experience and struggle in the trucking industry especially in dealing with a software solution. We would love to have a conversation with you in order to understand your needs. While we may not be able to satisfy all of your requests, you can be sure that we take note as we develop a common solution for all. 

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