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LoadPanel Update: Driver App

Our mobile app for drivers is now available for installation on both iOS and Android platforms.

LoadPanel Driver App – Now Available

Our mobile app for drivers is now available for installation on both iOS and Android platforms. After many months of development our team has released the first version of the mobile app to compliment our LoadPanel environment. Our desire is that this app will simplify the communication process between dispatchers and drivers by providing up-to-date information about the assigned loads.

Load Details

Each assigned load is color-coded showing the ActivePending and Completed trips. The quick reference card shows the pickup and drop locations as well as an estimated distances from the app user’s location. Clicking the card reveals a detailed view of the assigned load.


Each pickup and drop location presents an arial map view for quick familiarization with the facility. Detailed pickup or drop-off information is also available on this screen. A quick go-to button can send the address to the navigation app such as Google Maps for a complete turn-by-turn directions.


Each screen has a context-aware communication button in the upper right corner. When viewing a particular assigned load the button reveals all the necessary communication information – allowing dialing with a single push.

The built in messaging capability allows for chatting between the driver and dispatch. The centralized messaging provides for traceable communication and auditing of conversations. Each appointment location allows for quick in and out time updates by the driver for precise reporting and tracking.


Anytime during the trip the driver may upload documents which will be available for dispatch to accept or reject after proper review. 


The top porting of the home screen shows the number of tripsearnings and miles driven for the given time frame. Currently this is an experimental function which estimates both the earnings as well as the miles driven and should not be relied upon for any compensation. 

IN/OUT Times

The driver may choose to report in and out times through the app which will save time in having to make or answer tracking phone calls. The times are reported to dispatch and are displayed on the timeline.


Each trip allows for comments that can be both left by the driver as well as dispatchers. This function is not intended to be a chat function but rather a method to leave notes and updates about the trip for future reference.

Download and Enable

Download and install the app on your device of choice and enable it for each driver in their profile. Each driver needs a unique phone number and password set in the profile in order to login. 

Thank you to all who visited our booth at the 2019 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY this year. We had an exciting three days, meeting hundreds of people and engaging in various conversations about the trucking industry and LoadPanel as a TMS of choice. 

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