4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Your ELD with TMS

If you are operating a trucking business with fewer than 100 trucks, reliable TMS is a must-have.

Since the ELD mandate went into effect, most truckers now use electronic devices to track their hours of service (HOS). Majority of the ELDs offered by the market also track and monitor other useful data about the truck. Such data is very helpful especially for larger fleets who desire to optimize their operation. Not only that, companies with just a few trucks can now have the same cost-effective tools at their fingertips.

Read on to see how your trucking business can benefit from integrating your ELDs with Transportation Management Software (TMS).

What is TMS?

Transportation Management Software (TMS) is an all-in-one software that can help automate most of a carrier’s day-to-day operations. Large carriers use this type of software to manage their fleets which can cost thousands of dollars to operate and maintain. LoadPanel is designed with small to medium carriers in mind (under 100 trucks) and is very affordable and even free for small carriers.

LoadPanel is a web-based software that dispatches, tracks, invoices, generates driver settlements and much more. With ELD integration of most popular ELDs, it can automate more of your trucking business.

Benefits of integrating ELDs with LoadPanel

There are many reasons why you should integrate your ELDs with LoadPanel. The top four reasons are:

  1. ELDs provide LoadPanel with accurate driver miles which are auto-filled when doing payroll. This means less work for you.
  2. With the ELDs tracking mechanism, dispatchers and customers are more aware about the status of each trip and can plan ahead accordingly.
  3. Dispatchers are alerted when drivers are running late, have arrived or left the facility via automatic geofencing. This ensures that dispatchers are informed without the need of check-calls.
  4. LoadPanel crunches the data from the ELDs as well as dispatcher input to generate reports about driver/truck performance, operations performance and trends.

If you are operating a trucking business with fewer than 100 trucks, reliable Transportation Management Software (TMS) is a must-have. LoadPanel integrates with some of the most popular ELD brands including KeepTruckinSamsara and GeoTab. More ELDs are supported regularly as demand dictates.

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