Advantages of Using Cloud-based Truck Management Software

If you are operating a trucking business with fewer than 100 trucks, you need reliable, web-based truck management software.

Are you still struggling with archaic trucking management software (TMS) that cost you a fortune to set up and maintain? You are not alone. In fact, most of the trucking businesses that we interviewed were using some sort of outdated truck management software that was practically impossible to get rid of because of the lack of support and portability. Worse yet, many are still relying on paper and pencil to run their operations. I have to say, I feel for them.

So what’s the answer? The solution is to use web-based (or cloud-based) software that is secure, up-to-date, feature-rich, cost-effecting and without any hidden fees.

Why is cloud-based TMS better?

Cloud-based truck management software is a service that runs somewhere on a server and can be accessed directly through a browser – from anywhere. Cloud-based software does not require any downloads or updates. In case of a fire, or other loss, desktop software could be destroyed and all the data lost. With web-based software, all data is backed up regularly and kept secure.

No Downloads or Installs

Traditional software required the user to download or install a large, complicated piece of software on a computer that may not have been even powerful enough to run the software in the first place. Web-based software does not have any downloads or updates. All updates are done automatically on the web. Whenever a problem in the software is discovered, it is fixed right away without any updates. When a new feature is released, it is available to all users without any work on the users side. This means there is less down-time for the whole operation.

Available Anywhere, Anytime

Web-based truck management software can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection – desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Whenever you need to run a report or dispatch a trip, you can do it with a few clicks (or taps) and be done. No more running to the office because Joe, the driver, forgot where his next stop is (in fact, Joe, the driver, can use the LoadPanel Driver app and let you sleep).

Backed up and Secure

Some of the old desktop software had archaic backup systems that were not reliable and prone to operator error. Our truck management software is backed up regularly and, in case of a failure, can be brought back to any point in time. And the best part is that it’s all done automatically without needing to involve technical support or computer professionals. On top of that, we always keep your data secure and away from unauthorized access.

Live Support and Resolution

For me, the best part about web-based truck management software is that I can get an issue resolved in just a few minutes without needing to tinker with computers. LoadPanel has live 24/7 support and will work to resolve any and every issue reported by the user. Bugs (or problems) in the software are resolved swiftly and seamlessly. New features requested by users are rolled out without interruptions. LoadPanel can also add custom features and changes to the software, just for your business. Now that’s some custom-tailored service for you!

If you are operating a trucking business with fewer than 100 trucks, you need reliable, web-based truck management software. Our team at LoadPanel will assist you get set up and running at no charge. Try the LoadPanel 30-day free trial.

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